Monday, April 23, 2012

Update on Amherst Biennial

Many new host sites for art are developing for the next Amherst Biennial (Oct/Nov '12). So far we have host sites inside and outside at the following locations:  Emily Dickinson Museum, Eric Carle Museum, UMass and Amherst College. We have been working with UMass staff and video professionals to project images on the Fine Arts Center (FAC) on the pond side. Also the Amherst Public Arts Commission has received a tentative offer of the Chapel by the FAC for a sound installation. We also have been offered an empty storefront in downtown Amherst if it's not rented by the Fall. We will have the majority of the host sites from the last Biennial. At this time, the East St. School site is up in the air, but we should know by May whether we will have this site for the Fall Biennial.

So many new options are coming forth and many artists are getting excited. That's great! However, some artists have requested certain locations to install their work. The curators cannot approve such requests. But be assured that we will do our best to locate all works in the best light, considering what works will relate to each other best.

The Amherst Biennial will have an several outdoor sites for sculpture, including Kendrick Park, where Matt Evald Johnson's "Portal" is installed. We are in the process of raising funds to keep it there as a permanent installation as the beginning of an Amherst sculpture garden. We'd like to encourage Western MA sculptors to apply to the next Biennial.

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