Friday, May 25, 2012

White Houses Get Attention!

The little White House Project has attracted attention from the community and media. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. So many people have commented how much they have enriched our local landscape. It has been heartwarming how many people are engaged in this public art installation, photography the artwork with family, picnicking in it's shadow, altering their traveling so they can view the houses on their way to work, bring friends near and far to see Emily's words that will become someone's house in the future.

Last weekend, the Boston Globe did a feature in their magazine section and today the Amherst Bulletin did a wonderful piece on the cover of the Arts and Leisure section. Emily's Rhapsoday, local artists and students response has it's premiere at the Dickinson Museum on May 12 - June 30. The balance of the local creative response will be at the Amherst Biennial this Fall. Stay tuned.

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