Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Art in Expected & Unexpected Places for Amherst Artswalk, Nov. 1, 5 - 8 PM-MAP

All the Amherst Biennial sites will be open for the Amherst Artswalk with Hitchcock Center & Bank of America opening early from 4 - 6 PM. Some of the sites will also be hosting receptions such as Hope & Feathers, The Eric Carle Museum,  The Strong House Museum, Boltwood Gallery (behind Judi's) and of course Amherst Town Hall. Check out Karen Dolmanisth's installation inside the Stearn's Steeple in front of the Mead Art Museum   when you visit the Museum & Frost Library Gallery  while on the Amherst College Campus. Karen will also be on site this weekend from 9 - 5 PM as artist-in-residence at the Stearn's Steeple as well as a final performance on Friday, Nov. 30th at noon inside the Mead Art Museum.

Also we will have a special performance of Samuel Rowlett tomorrow evening starting at UMASS pond at 5 PM. Samuel will be carrying a large canvas on his back through downtown Amherst, visiting other Biennial sites including Amherst College and then onto Hampshire College and ending at The Carle Museum around 8 PM which will be free and open to the public tomorrow night as well as hosting a reception for the artists Carl Calvano & Sandy Litchfield from 5 - 8 PM.

Amherst Biennial Host Site Map 

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