Friday, October 26, 2012

Art in the Park - Rabbit Stolen!!!!

Matt Evald Johnson, Portal
Lee Hutt, August Rabbit
 One of the gifts of the Amherst Biennial is making public art a permanent part of the landscape of our town. Matt Evald Johnson sculpture Portal was selected by the curators during the first Biennial in 2010 and is installed on a knoll in Kendrick Park. The sculpture acts as a link between downtown Amherst and the UMASS campus.We are in the process of making this a permanent installation and the curators have added another sculpture to this park, Lee Hutt's August Rabbit. Our hope is that this will spark the beginning of a natural playground which our community wanted for this Park. The rabbit is a wonderful tie-in to our community since the author, Howard R. Garis of the famed children's books Uncle Wiggily once lived in Amherst.

As I was checking the public art around town to make sure everything was OK after Sandy's unwelcome visit, it seems Lee Hutt's Rabbit has been stolen from it's perch in Kendrick Park!!!! Any help with helping to retrieve this sculpture would be greatly appreciated.


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