Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freedom Trails features Installations & Video Room

Freedom Trails which is connected to Valley Frameworks is run by Ani Rivera an artist from the first Amherst Biennial 2010.. His gallery is presenting an installation of Maggie Nowinski's cynotype prints and Alicia Rendette's Cast away both are returning artists from the first Biennial. Also Sarah Bliss's video You Leave Here in the gallery's new video viewing room in the rear of the gallery. Freedom Trails features some of the boldest and colorful artwork of this Biennial with Lourdes Morales's combinations of souring spiritual spaces playing off of comic book figures and Marlene Rye's lyrical landscapes. One of the other surprises in this gallery is one of Jeff Stauder's Buffalo series (in Jeff's other life, he teaches art at Amherst High School!). This are just some of the highlights of local talent featured in the gallery.

Also Freedom Trails Gallery has just put out a Call for Art for Dec/Jan for a small works exhibit with the 30% commission going to the Survival Center and the balance to the artists.

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