Monday, October 8, 2012

Pope Johanna & Zea Mays Printers at Hope & Feathers Framing & Gallery

Each setting for the Amherst Biennial has it's own character and Hope & Feather's Framing & Gallery is no exception. There's a softness and quiet elegance to the artwork here created by local women artists,several of whom are members of the Zea Mays Printmaking Studio, a non-toxic print studio in Florence, MA. The Founder & Director Liz Chalfin is featured in this Biennial with her sculptural installation of "Day" This ground breaking piece examines the shifting light of a day.

Also Zea May's member, Anne Bissett features prints about money. The artist overlays her father's writings to her while she was in college with slogans about money, This work is so poignant for the times were in.

One of the most striking installations in the Amherst Biennial is Susan Montgomery's 3D installation honoring Pope Joanna's myth/story of a 9th century woman who disguised herself as a man to get an education. She rose in the Catholic Church hierarchy to eventually became pope. The artist is interested as to why her story survives, and in the contadictions within.

Prints of the Zea Mays and gallery's Biennial artists will be available for sale in the gallery this Fall.

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