Sunday, November 4, 2012

Canvassing Town & Emily's Rhapsody

Samuel Rowlett contemplating the Portal by Matt Evald Johnson at Kendrick Park

Canvassing from UMASS to Downtown Amherst

After visiting Boltwood Gallery heading towards Town Hall
Fort River artists with Emily's Rhapsody
Samuel Rowlet "canvassed" Amherst, Thursday evening with his performance Landscape Painting in the Expanded Field from UMASS to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. It was a fun experience to see the community reactions to his piece and how his work fit into the "landscape" of town.

It was so grand to see the young artists from Fort River School, their parents and community enjoy the reception for Emily's Rhapsody at the Bank of America ATM display space. Teri Magner, Fort River art teacher organized her 4th grade students response to Emily Dickinson poems this Spring. These one foot square panels were donated by the White House Project artist, Peter Kraznekewicz to our community from the Little White House Project (5 houses are installed at the entrance of Hampshire College.) Local artists artwork from this series are installed at Emily Dickinson Museum & Amherst Town Hall Gallery.

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