Friday, November 16, 2012

deChristopher install at UMASS preview of DeCordova Museum Exhibition

The Fish Sufficeth is a sneak preview of Tim deChristopher's sculpture for a future installation at the DeCordova Museum. deChristopher comes from a lineage of stone covers, in fact he's the third generation to carve stone sculptures at St. John of Divine on the Upper Westside  in Manhattan.

His installation outside Hampden Gallery at UMASS cleverly incorporates one of his fish (on a bench) with other nautical items with a model for his dream - the Cathedral Project which he hoped to create at Turners Falls. Unfortunately because of the financial collapse this project has not come fruition. Possibly as Tim's reputation grows maybe this project could become a reality.

Tim's work is now represented by William Bascek Gallery in Northampton. Hopefully his work will start to get the attention it deserves.

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