Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bliss Around the World

Sarah Bliss whose work I first discovered at wunderart gallery, Amherst years before the first Amherst Biennial has found her voice in multi-media installations videos. I was so impressed with how she transformed a small elevator in the East St. School into a meditation into the fragility of life in Before the Drop. Here's an update on her recent achievements.

Sarah Bliss is one of the six moving images artists awarded a month-long residency in rural Scotland this October, sponsored by Alchemy Film Festival. She will be working with Scottish sound artist James Wyness to document and record the cultural and environmental landscapes of the Tweed River Valley.

In other news, her video The Poetics of Skin for which she and collaborator Rosyln Driscoll (both Amherst Biennial artists) were awarded the 2013 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in Sculpture and Installation, will be part of a special one-night showing at Creon Gallery, 238 East 24th St. in New York City on October 2nd.

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