Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rowlett's Walk- About Hits NYC at Dorsky Gallery with some nice company!

Samuel Rowlett's performance during the Amherst Biennial was one of the most light hearted performances I've witnessed in a long time. He carried a large canvas on his back (braving wind & traffic) from UMass campus to Hampshire College. The purpose of his performance was to compare an artist's journey in creating a painting to early adventurers' exploring our country.
Presently, his work is part of a prestigious exhibition at Dorsky Gallery which includes some of the heavy weights of the performance art including Marina Abramovic. For this exhibition, Samuel Rowlett, with mobile studio on his back, embarked on a 8 mile public portrait journey through Manhattan, on September 6th. Portraits created during this trek by Rowlett are featured in The Art Walk Genre.  This coming Sunday, Oct. 20, 3 - 4:30 PM, Samuell will be part of panel discussion moderated by curator Earl Miller - The Art Walk Genre: The Persistence of Peripateticism  at the Dorsky Gallery, 11-03 45 Ave., Long Island City, NY

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