Friday, January 17, 2014

Driscoll's Int'l Collaborations & Exhibits

Rosalyn Driscoll will be in exhibitions this spring in Cuzco (Peru), Nancay (France) and Berlin. In June, a London-based collective of which Rosalyn is a member, Sensory Sites, is producing an installation-event, Water Water Everywhere, to coincide with an international conference of The Center for the Study of the Senses in London, a group of scientists and philosophers researching and rethinking the senses, with whom Sensory Sites is collaborating.

I’m collaborating with filmmakers Sarah Bliss (Montague) and Tereza Stehlikova (London) to create sculptures or environments that receive and transform their moving images. The work with Bliss received the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship for Sculpture and Installation last year, and the work with Stehlikova was shown in London at GV Art Gallery in November.

Driscoll & Bliss Collaborative Piece

Driscoll will return to Dartington Hall in Devon, England, for another month-long residency later this year to make work for a London exhibition in the fall organized by Encounter Fine Art, a curatorial, marketing and consulting group in London.

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