Sunday, February 16, 2014

Walking Canvas travels to Canada - Samuel Rowlett's new adventure

Amherst Biennial, Samuel Rowlett has now taken his walking canvas from Amherst, to New York and across the border to Canada. In the lastest iteration of this performance piece. . Nice article in the New York Observer's "Gallerist NY" which features Samuel's work and gives an oversight of this traveling exhibition.

Here's an excerpt from Rowlett's discussion with the Nature Conservatory about his exploration of the Mill River, Amherst and what lead him to explore the river in this way.

When I’m hiking around with a canvas on my back, I feel the same spirit of discovery and exploration that inspired painters from the Hudson River School, like Church, Durand and Cole, who were searching for spiritual and philosophical meaning from nature. The Connecticut River has in effect been “lost” for a century due to its industrial past. We now have a chance to rediscover it.                                    

Samuel Rowlett

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