Monday, April 3, 2017

Diamond in the Rough

Harriet Diamond is not an artist who steers away sensitive issues such as war and refugees. When Harriet was in the first Amherst Biennial she created an installation of the war machine in Iraq and gave a talk to veterans. It was not an easy presentation but she wanted to highlight the damage wars rains upon the local population.

This year she presented a stunning exhibit of refugees, which could have been from Mosul or Aleppo. This project took two years to complete and the installation took over the main gallery at Oxbow Gallery in downtown Northampton, Harriet's hometown.

Ms. Diamond's monolithic bombed out buildings hung ominously hung over the wrapped bodies of war's victims while families flee out of the darkness hopefully to a better life.

One of the qualities of her clay figurines is the humanity she brings to her work. The downtrodden masses yearning to be free of this madness.